Sunday, October 25, 2015

Top Savinelli Shapes and Series


( The category for Savinelli pipes can be overwhelming. Personally, as I was getting to know the pipe world, browsing this section was a touch discouraging because Savinelli has an immense variety of finishes, shapes, and series. After a few years, though, I managed to conquer the category. My secret? A certain percentage was just exposure; I see a lot of Savs from day to day. My best resource, though, was Cyndy, our Update Supervisor. Who could be a better guide than the person who makes sure every shape, in every series and finish available, gets updated smoothly?
Since you all have the unfortunate inability to pick Cyndy's brain the way I do on a regular basis, I decided to bug her one more time. As a result, here's Cyndy's guide to the most popular Savinellis: the top three shapes and series, based on what passes through her hands most each day. Continued

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