Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Country Squire Radio: Best Practices for Aging Your Pipe Tobacco

(Country Squire Radio) Jon David and Beau take a look at the best practices for aging your pipe tobacco. Continued

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MMBClub 2019 Tobacco Advent: Day 5 (Boswell Pipe's "Rum River")

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A note on "etc"

(Firecured) Some people like posts that stay on the subject at hand, and some people like posts that meander. If you look in the Tags section at the bottom of each post and see the tag "etc," it means that the post veers off the topic of tobacco, often way off.

Philosopher's Blend and Philosophy

Chaos Shisha Tobacco Review | Mr. Roboto | HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

HVC Broadleaf Short Robusto Cigar Review

(Cigar Authority) Founded in 2011 by Reinier Lorenzo, HVC started as a way of paying homage to Havana City, where he lived for most of his life. His goal is to keep the Cuban tradition of hand-made cigars alive and well. As a result HVC smokes are inspired by the cigar tradition of Cuba, specifically Havana City, while incorporating the customs of their adopted US home.  
Today’s cigar made its debut in 2018 which saw the initial production sell out. In 2019, the cigar returned once again in limited fashion. Earlier this year we reviewed the Toro which received a 92 rating. This morning I looked at my own personal purchase history and I noticed I’ve been smoking the Short Robusto more than the Toro. Continued

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Herrera Esteli Limited Edicion Lancero Drewsday!

Afternoon pipe smoke Westminster tobacco

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Losing Interest in Tobacco Farming

(Tobacco Reporter) The number of farmers who have registered to cultivate tobacco in Zimbabwe is 15 percent lower than it was this time last year.
Statistics from the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board show that as of Nov. 30, 140,257 farmers had registered to grow the crop, down from 165,130 last year, while hectarage under tobacco crop dropped to 35,998 hectares from 42,000 hectares. Continued

Is There any Hope for Increased Foreign Tobacco Sales?

(Tobacco Farmer Newsletter) One of the highlights of the N.C. Tobacco Day program on December 5 was the presentation by Blake Brown, N.C. Extension ag economist, outlining the prospects for growth in sales on the world market. The outlook is not cheering. Continued

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