Tuesday, August 4, 2020

La Flor Dominicana L-Granu Cigar Review

(Cigar Authority) In 2013, Litto Gomez released the La Flor Dominicana L-Granu which is part of the Ligero portfolio. Looking at the box of La Flor Dominicana L-Granu it might be the largest in the cigar industry considering it's a 100 count box.
It amazes me that big ring gauge cigars weren’t just a novelty and that they continue to sell like crazy while my personal favorites of coronas, corona gorda and lanceros barely move the needle at all. Today we decided to take one for the team as we offer our review of this monster sized cigar. Continued

How to Ream a Pipe

Jeff Milton
(Smokingpipes.com) ... Anyway, if you're unfamiliar with dimes, the cake in a pipe should be maintained at about the thickness of one or two debit cards. Cake is the carbon buildup on the walls of the tobacco chamber. Its gradual thickening is a relatively slow process, though it can creep up on you. When I started smoking pipes, it seemed like it took forever for cake to build, but now I'm mildly irritated every time I see it's time to ream a pipe yet again. Continued

Epok Storm (Ultra) Snus Review

(Snubie) Today, we're talking about a new Epok Snus product out of Switzerland: Epok Storm (Ultra)! I recently reviewed Epok Hurricane, a product with a 6/6 nicotine level, making it the strongest Epok product on the market. This is the next strongest one, with a 5/6 nicotine level. Continued

Why this is ONE of my Favorite Cigar Sizes!

Pipe Tobacco Review: First Impression Edition- H&H Acadian Perique

Monday, August 3, 2020

Aladino Cameroon Super Toro Review

Tobacco Review - L.J. Peretti Tashkent

CigarMedics HumidiMeter Review

(Halfwheel) When you are cooking a big slab of meat in a smoker, you oftentimes measure two different temperatures. First is the conventional one, using a thermometer to measure the temperature of the air inside of the smoker. But many people will also choose to use a temperature probe that is placed inside the meat, the idea being that while it’s helpful to know the temperature of the air in the smoker; when it comes to knowing when it’s ready to eat, all that matters is the internal temperature.
So why not do the same things for cigars?
Enter the CigarMedics HumidiMeter. Continued

Ashton Artisans Blend Review

Dried out snuff? Here's how I revive it!

Drew Estate Factory Smoke Candela Cigar Review 2020 | Cigar Prop

Penzance vs. Star of the East review