Saturday, March 28, 2020

Undercrown Maduro Corona Pequena Cigar Review

MacBaren Mixture Flake Pipe Tobacco Review

Daniel Marshall by Carlos Fuente – XXXVIII Limited Edition Cigar Review

(Halfwheel) The Daniel Marshall 38th Anniversary starts out with a somewhat light profile that includes a dominant creamy oak flavor interspersed with lesser notes of hay, almonds, leather, manure and cocoa nibs. There is a light maple sweetness noticeable on the retrohale along with a small amount of white pepper, as well as some spice on my tongue that seems to be dissipating almost as quickly as I register it. Continued

Let's Cellar Some Pipe Tobacco

WOW! Summer Honey (White Explosion) Snus Review

(Snubie) Back in March of 2018 I reviewed WOW! Summer Honey (White Dry Explosion), a stronger, white dry version of WOW! Sunny Honey.
WOW! is a product line from SPT (Scandinavian Premium Tobacco), which was acquired by GN Tobacco a few years ago. I was browsing recently and found out that a white portion version of WOW! Summer Honey exists, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Continued


Blends I DON'T like

Friday, March 27, 2020

2019 Cigar Of The Year

Review of Mac Baren Navy Flake

Leaf production in a pandemic

(Tobacco Farmer Newsletter) On Monday, it was stated that the American consulate in Mexico would be shut down, meaning that H2As would be destined for the U.S. could not be processed. That would have been a disaster for American growers. Continued

How to Care for Cigars for beginners

The Tobacconist Blends, Wilke’s Lord Nelson Cavendish Vanilla Blend

NIXS Nicotine Pouches: Minty Lemon (Strong) Review

(Snubie) ... I was curious to try this one, because it's been since Skruf Sun Fresh in 2014 that I've had a product that mixed mint and citrus. When you open the can, the aroma is a tart, but fresh smell of lemon. The portions are nice and plump, and feel great in the lip. They're also not slim; they're the large size, so that was interesting. Continued

Aganorsa Supreme Leaf Cigar Review

(Cigar Authority) ... As we move into the first third the pepper remains strong on the retrohale while the first quarter serves up notes of bread, raisin and a hint of rum. The Aganorsa Supreme Leaf is a rich flavorful cigar right from the get go with a nice kick on the retrohale and finish of the cigar. Continued