Friday, August 12, 2016

Smoking PUNCH pipe tobacco [video]

La Palina Illumination Cigar Review [video]

New McClelland Holiday Tobaccos Available

The latest holiday tobaccos from McClelland are out: Christmas Cheer 2016, Holiday Spirit 2016, and a very early Christmas Cheer 2017. They are available from the usual suspects.

Stealth Cigars: The New Cigars You Won’t Hear Much About

(Cigar Coop) This time of the year, plenty of new cigars post IPCPR are show up at local stores. However cigar consumers are noticing a flurry of new cigars that weren’t announced prior to, nor showcased at the 2016 IPCPR Trade Show. In fact, these are cigars that have had virtually no marketing and most have been sight unseen before arriving at the retail establishment. For lack of a better term, I am calling these “Stealth Cigars”. Continued

Thursday, August 11, 2016

What's a good tobacco to smoke while breaking in your pipe? [video]

Cigar Gear for the Great Outdoors

(Cigar Aficionado) It's summertime—that means barbecues, the beach and boating. You've got your sunglasses on and your favorite cigars in hand, but you're unsure which cigar accessories to take with you. Pocket space is limited, and some of your finer, more delicate tools are poorly suited for the outdoors. Others are just too heavy or cumbersome to carry around. Continued

The Changing Landscape for Filtered Cigars

(CSP) The popularity of cigars and other tobacco products (OTP) has been on an upward climb in recent years, bringing some relief to retailers struggling to replace cigarette volume losses in the past decade. But when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) unleashed new regulations in May to restrict the manufacture of all cigar products, including filtered or “little” cigars, the industry got another jolt of reality. Will costs go up for retailers? Will the regulation narrow the playing field of products? How much will FDA oversight affect future sales and profits? Continued

New Snus: Revel by Rocket

( My friend Andreas over at Stiff Upper Lip Snus Reviews sent me this photo today of a new product called Revel Xtra Strong White Peppermint.  What's interesting is that it says "By Rocket" on the can. Continued

Pipe Tobacco Review: Peterson "Sherlock Holmes" [video]

Cigar Review: Punch Double Corona

(Cigar Inspector) ... Punch gives you a huge cigar for your money with this selection, with the price equating to about $14US/cigar for a 194MM long Cuban stick. The taste profile is what makes this stick a winner in my book. Continued