Thursday, September 2, 2010

Finck Cigar Company: W. F. Mild Natural - Fragrant as a Rebel Sawbuck

My first whiff of an unlit W. F. Mild Natural cigar took me back to my childhood - it smelled just like confederate money. I collected the stuff when I was a kid, being the the cheapest type of Civil War relic available. Most of it smelled like tobacco, especially the ten dollar bills, I guess because people kept their cash and tobacco together, back then.
Nostalgia aside, the Fink W. F. Mild Natural is "made with mild, smooth Connecticut Shade wrapper, Nuway binder and a flavorful blend of imported and domestic fillers." It really is mild, very mild, but not lacking in flavor. It reminds me of Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco, not so much in flavor, but as an inexpensive tobacco product that I can smoke throughout day, not because it's all I can afford, but because I like it. The taste is basic tobacco with a hint of salt.
Mild Naturals come in several different sizes, all named after American cities, I've been smoking the "Toledo," which measures 5.5 x 43. They sell for around a dollar each. Maduro fans may want to try the W. F. Mild Maduro, which is very good too, though it doesn't smell unreconstructed.

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