Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cigar Review: H. Upmann Ingot TheBANKER Private Holding by Altadis USA

(Cigar Coop) Earlier this year, Altadis USA announced a limited edition cigar known as the H. Upmann Ingot TheBanker Private Holding. The cigar is an offshoot of the H. Upmann Banker line that was introduced back in 2014. The Banker is a line that pays homage to brand founder Herman Upmann. Upmann was a German banker who in 1844 went to Havana Cuba and invested in a cigar factory – which became the H. Upmann brand. An Ingot is a gold bar and thus fits into the story of the Banker line. Recently I’ve had an opportunity to smoke the H. Upmann Ingot TheBanker Private Holding. Overall, this was a very enjoyable cigar and one that is one of Altadis’ best blends released under the H. Upmann line. Continued

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