Thursday, April 21, 2016

What’s In Your Humidor with Rocky Patel

(Toasted Foot) It’s hard to be a cigar smoker and not know the name Rocky Patel. I often refer to him as the Donald Trump of cigars, just because it seems like his name is everywhere. Few people have done as much for all aspects of the cigar industry as Rocky Patel. After twenty years in the cigar industry, Rocky is no longer an outsider, but a prominent member of the cigar community. His Rocky Patel Premium Cigars brand is know worldwide, and for good reason. There have been some really impressive recent releases from RPPC including the Tabaquero by Hamlet, Sun Grown Maduro and Twentieth Anniversary. So, it was a pretty cool that we got Rocky to be a part of out What’s In Your Humidor? feature. Continued

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