Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brands of tobacco smoked by harvest hands in Ohio, 1938.

Another gem from the Library of Congress, this one from the famous Farm Security Administration collection, which sent photographers all across the country during the Great Depression to document just about every aspect of American life imaginable.
This photo highlights the brand of smoking tobacco favored by Ohio farmhands. Brands of tobacco in the photo (which you can click on to enlarge), are as follows:

  • Yankee Girl Scrap, S.D. Co, Union Made, 10¢.

  • Prestige Tobacco, Blended Cigarette Tobacco, Turkish and Virginia Blend.

  • Red Horse Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Duwel Brothers Tobacco Company, Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Miners' Choice Smoking Tobacco, Light Color, F. W. Felgner & Son, Baltimore, MD.

  • Corn Cake Smoking.

  • Sun Cured Extra Mild Smoking Tobacco, John J. Bagley & Co.

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