Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avanti Cigars Review

If you like the flavor of licorice, you'll love Avanti anisette flavoured cigars. I bought a pack of these at my local drugstore and I'm glad I did. At first, I wasn't so sure, the individually wrapped half-sized cheroots seemed dried out, but a little research found this at Smoke Magazine: "Smokers familiar with a premium stick should be aware that the Toscano-style cheroot is hard and dry when smoked Chomping down can cause the cigar to disintegrate between the teeth."
The anise flavor comes on very strong when first lit, but then it settles down into a flavorful, relaxing smoke. For a real dose of licorice flavor, try an Avanti cigar with a glass of Kübler Absinthe Superieure. For a more contrasting taste, Avanti's and coffee taste very good together.
The cigar itself is an all natural tobacco product containing tobaccos from Kentucky and Tennessee, according to their website. The natural leaf wrapper (Maduro, I think), burns well enough and tastes great. A five pack cost me $6.27 at the drugstore, but can be found for less in bulk and/or online. Will these replace my beloved Marsh Wheeling's? No, but I will be keeping some on hand. Recommendation: Highly recommended.

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